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Rodney Alley - Midwest Medical Technologies Of America

John has proven to know more about marketing than anyone I have ever met.

Jeff Smith -  Disruptive Brands

John has a broad and valuable depth of knowledge and experience in the online marketing, copywriting, information marketing and offline marketing fields; he knows, and has strong relationships, with a wide variety of industry leaders and is quick to offer his valued counsel.

Ali Husayni -  Millionairium

I've been in the digital marketing world for the past 17 years. John blew my mind by pointing out issues with our marketing that we were not aware of. I highly recommend him for any digital marketing needs you may have.

Tony Chandler - HealthSolutions

John has in incredible knowledge of High Level marketing techniques. He is able to produce results when many others promise but do not deliver. He truly is a Rainmaker when it comes to setting up lead generation systems and I highly recommend his work!

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"Salesmanship In Print"

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